objective of the camp

The camp aims to identify talented prospects, closely monitor their progress and further develop them. One of the main aims of the camp is to provide a competitive edge to the athletes as they train and learn with the best in the business. The camp also includes personalized feedback sessions with the coaches and experts and the athletes go back with detailed reports and diet plans so that their learning can continue once they return to their respective cities.

The overall long-term objective is to train and groom select athletes with high potential so that they can compete at a global stage and bring laurels to the nation.

Selection Process

Performance cutoffs are set by elite experienced coaches for each category and disciplines. These along with the scout’s reports submitted by senior scouts appointed during the RFYS Athletics National Championships is used for selection of athletes in the camp.

What happens at the Camp

The elite athletes are divided into groups according to their events. They are monitored and guided by event-specific IAAF-certified coaches and experts. The athletes go through several evaluations, related to both their physical and mental conditions.

Some of the training modules and evaluation tests conducted at the camp are:

Vo2 Max Evaluation

Ascertain maximum oxygen intake and help long-distance runners push their endurance levels

MSK Screening

Identify potential injuries and prevent future threats

Mental Conditioning

Individual counselling sessions to build emotional quotient (EQ) and help athletes perform at the highest level

Force plates and pressure mapping

Help the coach to quantitatively evaluate the kinetic characteristics of an athlete’s movement

Sports Nutrition

Personalized program based on each athlete’s specific events and region of residence


venue: Bengaluru Karnataka

athlete and coach information

akash singh
junior boys
haresh ram
junior boys
Nagappriya Nagarajan
senior girls
bhavani k
senior girls
senior girls
mourish b
senior girls
Aadarsh RAM
college boys
junior boys
amit yadav
junior boys
tushar manna
junior boys
tannu lathar
senior girls
mohd meraj
senior boys
college boys
college boys
raja babu
junior boys
arnav bhaskar
senior boys
Amlan Borgohain
college boys
Chetan Singh
college boys
junior girls
Rokeya Khatun
college girls
sagar biswas
junior boys
md hossain
senior boys
aniket saha
junior boys
sagar acharya
senior boys
anstin shaji
senior boys
adarsh gopi
senior boys
tomson paulose
college boys
ajith a
college boys
amal tp
senior boys
sandhya bm
senior girls
ajith pn
senior boys
college girls
thara M D
college girls
Jai Bhoir
Daneshwari Ashok T
Treesa Mathew

The Elite Team

endurance group
lisa verstraten

(Level 4 Senior IAAF Coach – Middle and Long Distance )

Mr. Gopalkrishna Pillai

(Level 1 IAAF Middle and Long-Distance Coach)

Sprints group
Mark Ladbrook

(Level 4 IAAF Coach – Sprints, Relays and Hurdles)

Rohit Rahmari Mane

(Level 2 IAFF coach)

Jumps group
Stacey Taurima

(Level 3 IAAF Coach – High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump)

Saharsh Shah

(Level 1 IAAF CESC Coach)

Support Coaches
Pratik Kadam

(Sports Scientist)

Dr. Ashutosh Nimse

(Sports Physiotherapist)

Krushmi Chheda

(Sports Nutritionist)

Dr. Alok Deodhar

(Mental Conditioning Coach)

Liyakat Limaye

(Assistant Sports Scientist)

Chirag Pandya

(Assistant Physiotherapist)

Ria Jain

(Assistant Physiotherapist)

Shreya Doshi

(Assistant Sports Scientist)