Coaches create a lasting impact on the development of athletes, right from the grassroots to the elite level. Reliance Foundation Youth Sports (RFYS), in partnership with the Association of Indian Football Coaches (AIFC), conducted a second round of a series of online workshops for coaches across the country. The session was conducted zone-wise for the four zones. The South Zone session led by Coach Shailesh Karkera emphasised on how coaches could create an impression and how to scout players.

The session started with an outline of the five main characteristics a coach should possess to create a positive impression. This included the following points:

1) Appearance:

  • Always maintain good hygiene
  • Wear presentable attire

2) Behaviour:

  • Be a role model for pupils
  • Be kind and courteous towards all

3) Communication:

  • Communication should be positivity-driven
  • Aim for a fruitful outcome via communication

4) Determination:

  • Perseverance towards achieving an outcome
  • ‘Never give up’ attitude blended with patience

5) Excellence:

  • Upgrade your knowledge according to the latest trends
  • Attend courses, workshops, webinars, etc

The session further proceeded with discussing the importance for football coaches to get certified. Certifications have added benefits to the coach’s portfolio, such as being able to:

  • Constantly learn about the latest methods of training and coaching.
  • Enhance one’s job prospects.
  • Provide an element of trust and an identity for recruiters and clients.

The session then moved on to discuss certain crucial life skills, emphasising the importance of being a good human which greatly impacts the path to becoming a good coach. This covered topics such as:

  • Time management
  • Honesty
  • Sportsperson spirit
  • Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Team spirit

Life skills can be inculcated in players in the following ways:

  • By creating an environment for players to obtain non-technical skills.
  • Teaching social skills, discipline, respect, personal control, organization, and leadership.
  • Making football a medium to become better human beings.

The session was concluded by explaining how scouting is crucial in creating the right team. How one could achieve optimal results by creating the right environment for scouting players is:

  • By creating a sports culture
  • Conducting/Hosting workshops and clinics
  • Participating in Infra college/school tournaments and leagues
  • Inviting scouts to help in the process
  • Organizing inter-school / college tournaments

In conclusion, the session covered everything from the importance of creating a positive impression, to getting the right certifications and the importance of life skills in sports.


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