City Finals Day 2: Crowning the Champions of Mizoram

1st MAP EM vs Sacred Heart School
An eventful first half saw no goals scored, but 1st MAP EM received two yellow cards, for PC Lalrinchhana and Timothy Lalruathlua. Just as the second half began, Sacred Heart’s Laldumpuia Renthlei managed to put one in past the post to make the score 1-0. However just 10 minutes later 1st MAP pulled back to tie the score at 1-1, when Timothy Lalruathlua managed to slip one past the keeper. In the 61st minute however Sacred Heart managed to pull past their opponents when Laldumpuia Renthlei scored his second goal of the day.
You can check out the highlights of this match here!

Mount Carmel School vs Govt Chaltlang HSS
In this one-sided match, Mount Carmel scored early and often and ran away with the game, giving Chaltlang no chance for a comeback. In the first half, Carmel’s S Rody Laldingliani found an opening in the 15th minute. In the second half the first goal was again by S Rody in the 43rd minute. Carmel closed the game with successive goals in the 53rd and 55th minute by Gospel Vanlalswami and Raboni Vytuchho respectively, bringing the tally to 4-0.
You can check out the final scorecard here.

Govt Mizo HS vs Govt Chaltlang HS
In a 1-1 thriller, both sides were evenly matched in the first half with the only thing of note being a yellow card given to Mizo’s Malsawm Tluanga. Vanlalchhuansanga Varte managed to score a goal to put Mizo up 1-0 in the 20th minute. However Mizo could not hold on to their lead, in the 58th minute Chaltlang put up a score with a strike from C Lalnunpuia. Chaltlang ended up winning the penalty shootout 1-0 to steal the win.
You can check out the scorecard here!

Bazar Veng HSS vs Govt Chaltlang HSS
In a tight game Chaltlang managed to pull forward 2-1. There were no goals in the first half, but the second half kicked off with Chaltlang’s James Lalruatfela scoring a goal in the 48th minute. RH LALFAKZUALA Rh Lalfakzuala made it 2-0 for Chaltlang with his own strike in the 65th minute. Bazar Veng cut it close by scoring a penalty goal in the 74th minute, but in the end Chaltlang’s defense was too strong for them to pull through,
You can check out the scorecard here!

Govt Romana College vs Lunglei Govt College
Lunglei walked away with a thrilling 4-0 victory over Romana today. They started the first half with a bang, with a strike from Lalrammuana Rammuana in the 3rd minute. They manage to score twice more in the first half, first in the 24th minute, this time with Lalrosanga Rosanga scoring the goal, and second in the 33rd minute, whenLalmuanpuia Jonathan managed to get one past the keeper.
The second half was pretty uneventful, with the final goal, a beautiful strike by Lalrosanga Rosanga in the 47th minute being the only action.

You can check out the match highlights here!

City Finals Day 2: Crowning the Champions of Mizoram