Why should one keep themselves active during the lockdown?

The words ‘pandemic’ and ‘lockdown’ are common phrases in the ‘new normal’ that has redefined normalcy. The current circumstances have taken a toll on the lives of athletes who are used to training outdoors for long stretches and being on the road. An active lifestyle is crucial to their physical and mental well-being, especially the younger ones.

To aid the athletes and their coaches to stay physically and mentally active during these times, Reliance Foundation Youth Sports has joined hands with the UK Elite Sports Group (UKESG) - one of the most trusted names in the UK to provide youth sports coaching, sports tours, and coach education.

The group specialises in quality sporting development to ensure children from all walks of life have access to safe, enjoyable, and educational environments both in the UK and abroad. The collaboration will be in the form of a webinar-based online programme that will be headed by Mr. Matt Lewis, Head of Training & Development at the UKESG. Matt has over 15 years of experience delivering Physical Education (PE) and is a holder of Level 5 Education & Training Diploma.

The first webinar will be held on March 5, 2021, and will have select participants of coaches and athletes invited by RFYS. This series intends to educate the participants about the importance of exercise and training for both physical and mental well-being.

During the programme, Matt will be conducting an activity-based session to highlight the importance of physical activity in children. This will cover the mental and physiological aspects of exercise in growing children to build a healthy lifestyle right. The programme also aims to deliver valuable insights to parents and coaches to aid in the budding stages of a child’s overall character and physical development.

In case of queries or if you have any suggestions for webinar topics, please feel free to connect with us on Instagram/Facebook or email us at info@rfyouthsports.com

Why should one keep themselves active during the lockdown?

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