RFYS Football Champions Rise In The Championship Of North East Zone

The RFYS Season 2023-24 is approaching its business end as the action is nearing its end across various championship centers. There has been no lack of excitement as the curtains got drawn in the North East Zone. After a rigorous battle for the last few weeks we have finally got out the champions of Meghalaya and Mizoram Championship Centers.

Triumphant moments in Meghalaya🔗:

Girls U-15 Category Winners - St Mary’s Higher Secondary School


Government Boys Higher Secondary School and St Mary’s Higher Secondary School claimed victory in the Girls U-15 category. In the boys counterpart of the same category, Assam Rifle Public school emerged victorious. 

In the Boys U-17 championship, OM Roy Memorial Higher Secondary School showcased their dominance throughout and came out on top on the final day as well.

A spirited match unfolded with remarkable enthusiasm as the U-19 girls and boys took the field in the battle for the trophy. While Lewrynghep Higher Secondary School were crowned the champions of the U-19 Girls category, Shillong College Higher Secondary Education School triumphed in the U-19 Boys category.

Boys U-21 Category Winners - Shillong College


The boys from Shillong College were crowned champions of the U-21 category marking the end of an exciting season of football in the Meghalaya Championship Center.

The special occasion was graced by none other than John Abraham who attended the award ceremony, marking the grand conclusion of RFYS Football season at the Meghalaya Championship Center.

John Abraham attended the award ceremony


“We want to see Indian football really high up there. And for that I wish all clubs do well.” John Abraham in conversation with RFYS.

To watch John Abraham, click on this link: https://youtu.be/Jmm5hptttkk


Victorious moments in Mizoram🔗:

Boys U-15 Category Winners -  Govt Middle School III, Kawnpu

In the first game, BC Lalthlamuana English Academy emerged victorious in the Girls U-15 category, with Pine Hill Adventist Academy securing the runners-up position. The Boys U-15 category saw Govt Middle School III, Kawnpui taking the trophy home. The runners-up spot was taken by Govt Middle School II, Tlungvel.

Intense battle ensued in the Boys U-17 category and in the end it was the boys representing Govt Ruantlang High School who came out on top. Home Missions School had to settle for the second spot.

In the U-19 girls category, Mount Carmel School girls were the runners-up as they came second to Springfield Higher Secondary School.

Girls U-19 Category Winners - Mount Carmel School

Home Missions School redeemed themselves in the U-19 boys category after coming close in the U-17 category. St. Joseph Higher Secondary School was at the receiving end as the boys in the under 19 category emerged champions in this category.

The season in the RFYS Season 2023-24 came to an end in the Mizoram Championship Center match with the final showdown between Govt Hrangbana College and Govt Aizawl College in the Boys U-21 category. The former brought their best in the final phase and returned home as champions.

The game is still on in different centers across different zones in the RFYS Season 2023-24. As the cheers fade away in the North East Zone, we turn our attention to the upcoming finals across different championship centers. For all the updates from the remaining centers, make sure to keep a tab on this page.


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