Video analysis: Broadening possibilities in football

The scope of football has expanded beyond the arena of the game with the dawn of powerful analytical tools that enable analysis meant to create champion teams. Its impact extends right from the grassroots to the elite level, and it’s essential for a team to analyse their players’ performances and their strategy regularly.

In our second webinar with Vignesh PG, the Lead Analyst at Reliance Foundation Young Champs discusses the scope of video analysis in football and how the game has grown more intertwined with technology. The session covered the incorporation of analysis in any academy, the latest workflows of video analysis, and the future of analysis.

Vignesh introduced the session by talking about the importance of football video analysis which he had touched upon in the previous webinar , and how it can help in developing players by churning out data to enrich the process of coaching.

Vignesh recapped the first webinar brushing on the different components of the game:

  • Training week analysis:
  • Pre-match analysis
  • Live game analysis
  • Post-match analysis

Vignesh then moved on to explain the ideal workflow for football analysis :

Step 1: Produce and manage content to analyse

This is done by setting up simple cameras, mobile phones, or tripods during training and matches. The data is then transferred to computer and storage devices to produce relevant content.

Step 2: Do your analysis and make reports

This is done by extracting data from the analysis software and reporting using annotation tools.

Step 3: Effectively deliver to players

Present and deliver the message to players and their coaches by personalising it and using the appropriate strategy to suit the player.

Step 4: Track the progress post delivering the report and do a comparative study

Following up is crucial to get analyse the impact of the delivered data for future planning.

Few of the latest workflows of video analysis are hand-held cameras capable of live analysis, drones for bird’s eye view of movement on the field, mounted cameras for live streaming, artificial intelligence-enabled cameras. These setups are flexible aiding training and simulation of different situations.

Vignesh concluded the webinar talking about how the future of football is Analysis and the future of football analysis is to derive error-free data to tide over human lapses.

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Video analysis: Broadening possibilities in football

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