RFYS National Finals 2019-20 | Senior Boys Finals Highlights | SCHSE vs MSP HSS (2-3)

RFYS National Finals 2019-20 featured Shillong College Higher Secondary Education, Shillong and Malabar Special Police HSS, Malappuram in the Senior Boys division. Both teams started out the match in a attacking mode. Intent on converting every opportunity aggressively. MSP HSS struck first with a goal in the 7th minute. Rahul Renjith was near the goalpost during the corner kick and scored with an amazing header that deflected past the post and went into the nets. They couldn't hold their lead for long as just six minutes later Shillong College's Aibiang Mame Nongneng got the ball near the goalpost after a defender missed it. He made the most of the opportunity equalizing the score very early in the game. The next goal came in the 25th minute when MSP HSS took the lead back with a goal from Kiran K after some scuffling near the goal. The goal was declared by the assistant referee after there was some miscommunication. Shillong College was looking to equalize the score before the half ended but they had no luck and at the half they were still down 2-1. MSP HSS held the slim lead until the very end when in the 57th minute Kitboklang Khyriem scored one penalty kick to equalize the score at 2-2. MSP HSS took the lead back for good with a score from Muhammed Ajsal in the 68th minute. He got a header assist from Haroon and scored an amazing shot straight into the nets. At full time MSP HSS was still leading 3-2 and were crowned champions in the Senior Boys category. #Letsplay

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