Reliance Foundation Development League: Exciting Action Unfolds in Mizoram and Goa

The Reliance Foundation Development League (RFDL) has sparked a wave of enthusiasm in Mizoram and Goa, igniting the passion for football among young talents. In Mizoram, the league kicked off with fervor on February 14 at the 1st Bn MAP Ground, witnessing an intense battle between 1st Bn Map Football Academy and Home Missions Football Club. The latter emerged victorious with a remarkable 3-1 scoreline, setting the tone for an exhilarating competition.

Mizoram Region:

With a total of ten gripping matches played until February 21, the league showcased the determination and skill of budding footballers in the region. Home Missions FC demonstrated sheer dominance, securing the top position in the standings as they continued their winning streak. They are yet to drop points in the Regional Qualifiers having scored 11 goals while conceding only 3.

In the latest round of the matches, 1st battalion Map FA registered their first win of the season as they went past the challenge of Kulikawn FC who are yet to open their account so far in the Regional Qualifiers.
Match Details (Feb 19 - Feb 22):
Match No. Date & Time Match Result
Match 07 Feb 19, 11:00 AM Home Missions School vs Inkhel FC Home Missions School won (2-1)
Match 08 Feb 19, 01:30 PM 1st Battalion MAP FA vs Kulikawn FC 1st Battalion MAP FA won (3-1)
Match 09 Feb 21, 11:00 AM Muthi FC vs 1st Battalion MAP FA Muthi FC won (4-1)
Match 10 Feb 21, 01:30 PM Kulikawn FC vs Home Missions School Home Missions School won (5-1)
As further rounds of matches approach, anticipation builds for the upcoming matches, promising more thrilling encounters on the field.
Goa Region:
Meanwhile, in the vibrant football hub of Goa, action unfolded across multiple venues with FC Goa seizing the spotlight. FC Goa showcased their prowess against Siddheshwar SCC by netting an impressive 12 goals, with standout performer Likson Rebelo notching an astounding five goals himself. While the Gaurs have managed to remain unbeaten, they were held to a 1-1 draw by SESA FA in the latest round of matches. However, with 10 points already in the bag, the Season 2 table toppers in the Goa Regional Qualifiers sit pretty at the top of the standings. Pax of Nagoa, who have been quite impressive with their performance so far, stand second in the points table with 9 points in 4 matches. Another giant in the football fraternity of the country, Sporting Clube de Goa stay in the third place with 9 points in as many matches, differentiated only by a goal difference of 1.

Match Details (Feb 19 - Feb 24):

Match No. Date & Time Match Result
Match 05 Feb 19, 04:00 PM SESA FA vs Sporting Clube de Goa Sporting Clube de Goa won (5-0)
Match 06 Feb 19, 04:00 PM Dempo SC vs Geno FC Match drawn (2-2)
Match 07 Feb 19, 04:00 PM FC Mardol vs Siddeshwar SCC Siddeshwar SCC won (1-2)
Match 08 Feb 19, 04:00 PM FC Goa vs Pax of Nagoa FC Goa won (4-1)
Match 09 Feb 22, 04:00 PM Geno FC vs FC Mardol Geno FC won (9-0)
Match 10 Feb 22, 04:00 PM  FC Goa vs Siddeshwar SCC FC Goa won (12-0)
Match 11 Feb 22, 04:00 PM  Dempo SC vs Sporting Clube de Goa Dempo SC won (4-0)
Match 12 Feb 22, 04:00 PM  Sesa FA vs Pax of Nagoa Pax of Nagoa won (0-1)
Match 13 Feb 24, 04:00 PM  Geno FC vs Pax of Nagoa Pax of Nagoa won (2-3)
Match 14 Feb 24, 04:00 PM   Dempo SC vs Siddeshwar SCC Dempo SC won (9-0)
Match 15 Feb 24, 04:00 PM   SESA FA vs FC Goa Match drawn (1-1)
Match 16 Feb 24, 04:00 PM   FC Mardol vs Sporting Clube de Goa Sporting Clube de Goa won (0-4)

With more matches coming soon, the excitement levels are rising in the Regional Qualifiers of the Reliance Foundation Development League Season 3. It remains to be seen which team eventually manages to come out on top after these challenging rounds of football.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates from the RFDL Season 3, as the action continues across different regions.