Reliance Foundation Development League Season Is Back With Season 3: Action Begins In Mizoram And Goa

As the Reliance Foundation Development League (RFDL) Season 3 kicks off, football enthusiasts brace themselves for yet another exhilarating journey filled with talent, competition, and the promise of grassroots development. The tournament began with the action taking off in Mizoram on February 14, followed by Goa on February 16.


Mizoram Region Updates:

The season kicked off in the Mizoram Region, igniting the passion of fans with six matches already underway. Five formidable teams, including Inkhel FC, Home Mission's School, 1st Battalion Map FA, Muthi FC, and Kulikawn FC, are battling it out for regional supremacy, setting the stage for an enthralling competition.

Match Details:

Match No. Date & Time Match Result
Match 1 Feb 14, 11 AM Inkhel FC vs Kulikawn FC Inkhel FC won (1-0)
Match 2 Feb 14, 01:30 PM Home Missions School vs Muthi FC Home Missions School won (1-0)
Match 3 Feb 15, 11 AM 1st Battalion MAP FA vs Home Missions School Home Missions School won (3-1)
Match 4 Feb 15, 01:30 PM Muthi FC vs Inkhel FC Match Drawn (3-3)
Match 5 Feb 16, 11 AM Kulikawn FC vs Muthi FC   Muthi FC won (3-1)
Match 6 Feb 16, 01:30 PM Inkhel FC vs 1st Battalion MAP FA Inkhel FC won (3-2)


Goa Region Updates:

Meanwhile, the Goa region kicked off with a solitary game on the opening day which saw the defending champions from the region, FC Goa registering a comfortable win over Dempo SC. Three exciting matches followed on February 17. Featuring eight diverse teams, including five debutants, the Goa leg promises a blend of experience and fresh talent, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the league. The other teams featuring from the Goa Region in the Reliance Foundation Development League Season 3 are: FC Mardol, Geno FC, Pax of Nagoa FC, Sesa FA, Siddheshwar SCC, and Sporting Clube de Goa. 

Match Details:

Match No. Date & Time Match  Result
Match 1 Feb 16, 04:00 PM FC Goa vs Demp SC FC Goa won (2-0)
Match 2 Feb 17, 04:00 PM Pax of Nagoa vs Siddeshwar SCC Pax of Nagoa won (8-0)
Match 3 Feb 17, 04:00 PM SESA FA vs FC Mardol SESA FA won (7-0)
Match 4 Feb 17, 04:00 PM Sporting Clube de Goa vs Geno FC Sporting Clube de Goa won (1-0)

Looking ahead, the impending start of the North, Kerala, South, and East regions further amplifies the excitement, as football fever grips the nation. While the matches begin in the South Region on February 19, the action sets off in the North and Kerala Region on February 20. The East Region is scheduled to begin on February 28.

With more regions waiting to kick off in the coming days, we are lined up for some exciting football involving the U-21 players in the Reliance Foundation Development League Season 3. Stay tuned for all the latest updates!