RFDL Season 3: Excitement Levels Rise As The Action Kicks Off In South, North And Meghalaya-Assam Regions

The RFDL Season 3 began with a bang in the Goa and Mizoram Regions. With more than a week into the tournament, we have the action kicking off in three more regions - South, North and Kerala. As the nail-biting action unfolds in the Reliance Foundation Development League, here’s a look at how the teams fared in the opening few fixtures.

South Region

The Reliance Foundation Development League for the south region commenced on February 19. Over the course of the following eight days, a total of nine matches unfolded at the BBFS Arena. There are 7 teams crossing against each one in the South Region - Bengaluru FC, Sreenidhi Deccan FC, Chennaiyin FC, Roots FC, Kickstart FC, Rebels FC, Snipers FC. Notably, Bengaluru FC, the reigning champions from the past two seasons, made an emphatic start, dominating the table with an impeccable record. They secured victory in all their matches, displaying both skill and determination, and emerged as the top scorers, netting an impressive tally of 11 goals.

While Bengaluru FC maintain their stronghold at the summit, other teams are also making their mark. Sreenidi Deccan FC and Chennaiyin FC stand undefeated alongside the reigning champions, setting the stage for fierce competition in the league. On the contrary, Rebels FC and Snipers FC find themselves still seeking their maiden victories, determined to turn their fortunes around as the season progresses. As the league unfolds, the stage is set for captivating encounters and memorable moments in the Reliance Foundation Development League.

North Region

The Reliance Foundation Development League Season 3 kicked off in the North region on February 20. This season, the North region boasts a total of six teams, including three newcomers: AIPL FC, Delhi FC, and Zinc Football, injecting fresh energy into the league. Alongside Punjab FC, the other established teams in the mix are Sudeva Delhi FC and Rajasthan United FC.

Punjab FC are emerging as the early frontrunners. They've displayed their dominance by securing the top position in the league standings. Notably, Punjab FC have scored the highest number of goals in the region with a staggering 11 goals so far.

In the inaugural match of the season, Delhi FC made a statement by swiftly taking the lead with a goal just three minutes into the game. Their momentum carried them through as they ultimately clinched victory by scoring a total of four goals against AIPL FC. This commanding performance early on sets a positive tone for Delhi FC's campaign.

However, the journey hasn't been as smooth for all teams. AIPL FC and Rajasthan United FC find themselves still in search of their first win of the season. Nevertheless, with plenty of matches left to play, both teams remain determined to turn their fortunes around and make their mark in the North region league standings.

Kerala Region

The Kerala region of the Reliance Foundation Development League Season 3 kicked off alongside the North regions on February 20. All eyes are on MJS Kannur, the venue hosting all the matches. The Kerala Region boasts eight formidable teams: Gokulam Kerala FC, Kerala Blasters FC, Wayanad United FC, Muthoot FA, Kovalam FC, Parappur FC, Sai Kollam, and LIFFA. Among them stand stalwarts like Gokulam Kerala FC and Kerala Blasters FC, both leading the table with a slender margin, setting the tone for an intense competition. Following closely behind are contenders like Wayanad United FC. These three teams remain unbeaten in the league.

In the inaugural clash, Kerala Blasters FC demonstrated their mettle against Muthoot FA, eventually clinching victory with a 2-1 scoreline. Meanwhile, teams like Parappur FC, Sai Kollam, and LIFFA find themselves in a challenging position, still in pursuit of their maiden triumph in the tournament.

As the tournament moves forward, each match unfolds new narratives and testifies to the unwavering spirit of competition that characterizes India's football landscape. With every goal scored and every victory celebrated, the excitement among fans continues to escalate, underscoring the deep-rooted passion for the beautiful game in various regions of the country.