4 reasons to follow the Athletics Elite Camp (AEC) 2019

In association with Athletics Federation of India (AFI), the RFYS Athletics Elite Camp 2019 is back for another edition. Held in Bhubaneswar, the camp will offer 39 RFYS athletes a chance to take their performance to the next level and become better athletes.

1) Attention to individual athletes

The athletes are teamed up into groups based on their respective events and then every group is evaluated & trained by event-specific coaches. Leading these sessions are IAAF-certified coaches with an eye for spotting and developing elite talent.

2) Important to understand the athletes before training them

In order to evaluate the current conditioning of the athletes and personalise their training sessions, multiple tests are conducted:

  • MSK, or Musculoskeletal screening which helps an athlete in maximizing performance by detecting, assessing and preventing potential injuries
  • FMS or Functional Movement Screen which is a tool designed to identify movement patterns indicating risk of injury
  • VO2 Max is a test which ascertains maximum oxygen intake and help long-distance runners push their endurance levels
  • Force Plate & Pressure Mapping which helps the coaches to quantitatively evaluate the kinetic characteristics of an athlete’s movement

3) Athletics is more than just the on-track performance

Beyond the event-specific coaches, the athletes also undergo group and individual sessions by a team of functional experts in the fields of nutrition, mental conditioning, physiotherapy and sports science. These sessions help the athletes prepare better for races by maintaining clear focus, avoiding common injuries and attaining peak physical performance before, during and after events. 

4) The learning goes beyond the camp

At the end of the camp, each athlete will get the opportunity to review their performance with the coaching team. Each athlete will also return home with a feedback session & a personalised performance report with steps to continue the training programs. This ensures that the athletes are able to implement all their learnings from the camp, back home in their usual everyday environments.

The aim of such an event is to enable young, promising athletes to make better sports-related choices and continue to improve their skillsets. In order to win medals, our country & its youth sports structures need to inspire the next generation of youth athletes to play more and play better. RFYS and the Athletics Elite Camp are steps in that direction.
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4 reasons to follow the Athletics Elite Camp (AEC) 2019

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